A simple idea to transform the school run.


You take your buddy’s child to school some days and they take your child to school on others.

Getting the schoolrun to work!

We understand how difficult it can be to get the school run to work!
That’s why we’re here: to help you find like-minded parents of primary school aged children that you can swap the school run with.

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Why use schoolrunbuddy?

In three words: we get it.

We understand how hard it can be to find affordable childcare that works for you, when you need it.

Rushing to and from school, childminders and after school clubs to make it work. Every single day. It’s exhausting!

Instead, with our help, you can find a like-minded parent with a child at the same primary school that you can share the school run with – A schoolrun buddy to make the school run easier.

We also provide guidance on how to buddy safely. Because we really do get it!

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